Tess is a yoga teacher and ayurvedic consultant with vast knowledge in Yoga, Ayurveda, Buddhism, Paganism and meditation. She has learned the arts and sciences of ayurveda, meditation and yoga from various wonderful teachers in New York, Los Angeles and Portland.

Tess’s journey towards yoga began through taking meditation classes in New York City. In the heart of the city she apprenticed in hatha yoga and meditation while also studying Buddhism and Paganism. Constantly learning and growing she relocated to Los Angeles and started her deeper journey into the yogic science of Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science. She is certified in Yoga and Ayurveda from Dancing Shiva in West Hollywood, CA where she has studied two extensive programs that covered asana, ayurveda, pranayama, mantra, marma, meditation, and yoga therapy. Since March 2004 she has been teaching regular hatha dosha yoga classes. Tess’ unique style of teaching brings a light-hearted blend of asana, mantra and meditation to every class. Focusing on balancing and healing the body, mind and spirit. Each class is a blend of solar and lunar energetics giving a transforming and empowering practice. Her intention is to integrate these sister sciences to aid in greater health, inner peace and enlightenment.   ~ Namaste

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